by Marcus Draik

Silence at the forest dawn
As aurous rays to earth
Filter as through chapel glass
Upon the mists of birth

        Aegis branched
In arms august
The sweet amidst the strong
        Furtive lyres
From fountains ring
Their soft enchanted song

        Verdant canvas, clouded pools
Bear mottled light and shade
        Waltz and dirge of ages fleet
Their ripples through the glade

Nigh the edge of meadows lit
        Lies somber hidden truth
Spirits bear regrets and loss
        The shrouded dusk of youth

Woods of light
        Withhold their kiss
        From wise and weathered eyes
Hollow pipes
        Blow through the trees
        Their melancholy cries

        Twisting vines from light to death
        Bid walk the chthonic hall,
        Watch the forest children play,
        Hence mourn in shadow's thrall