Mad Love
by Marcus Draik

Let your eyes see only mine
Let our starlight pour
Let our breeze fall still before
Our eyes seek any more

My love
As I hold you and our tears run together
I only ever hear
Our song
I knew you didn't mean it when you said
You were leaving
I'm a good father to our little girl
She is happy with her dolls
She is very well
And I know
She has your eyes
I know we're hungry, my love, but
I'll find something tomorrow
I promise
I'm so glad you're here
I knew you would never leave
We'll be together forever
Like our tears in the sky

Rest now, my love
You feel so still
So tired in my arms
You feel so tense, my love
But you know
I won't let go

It's dark in here
But still I see your eyes
Sedate and white
Peaceful as you were today
Peaceful here with me

Rest now, my love
You feel so small
So tiny in my arms
You feel so cold, my love
But you know
I'll keep you warm

You know
As I hold you, and I'm trembling
I can feel my tears against you
I know you're crying too
You're just out of tears
I know
You'll never leave
That's why you never try
To leave my arms